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When you hire us for Gold, Platinum or Diamond Travel Planning, we follow a 5-step travel planning process in order to create the perfect Spain trip for you. This process has been honed repeatedly, and we’ve followed it over and over again to create many personalized Spain itineraries over the years.

In order to create your plan your perfect trip to Spain, we need to know about you! 

  • We want to know how many people will be traveling in your party, their ages, their interests and anything you think we should know in order to make the best recommendations.

  • Tell us how long you'd like to visit, and how much you'd like to budget per day 

  • Tell us which cities and towns you'd like to see in Spain 

  • Describe a perfect day as you imagine it on this trip.

  • Is this your first time to Spain or have you been here before? (If so, when did you go and what did you see? If not, have you been abroad before?)

  • Do you have any "absolute must-have" places or experiences for this trip?  Maybe your list consists of specific things like "I want to run with the bulls in Pamplona" or other activities as simple as "I want to relax poolside while drinking a glass of wine".




The first step to creating your custom Spain vacation is organizing the basic framework of the itinerary. After getting an idea of what type of trip you’re looking for, we’ll provide you an outline of recommendations for places and activities that we think are the perfect fit. We’ll create a custom Spain itinerary that:

  • includes your Spain activity wishlist. However, if the time you’ve allowed for the trip doesn’t allow you to see and do everything on your list, we’ll suggest what’s feasible to do for this trip and what you could save for the next time you visit Spain.

  • is a good pace based on your group dynamics

  • is set up geographically so that you make the most of your time in Spain and aren’t roaming across the country haphazardly

  • is a good balance of activities and sights - a mix of larger cities and smaller towns with plenty of active moments and downtime built in

  • logistically works for you. For example, if you tremble at the thought of driving in Spain, we’ll make sure you’re covered by trains, planes, taxis and buses!



After we’ve finalized the itinerary plan with your desired dates, locations and activities, and you’ve made your flight accommodations to arrive in Spain, the next step is reserving your accommodations! 

There are many options for places to stay in Spain - it really all depends on what is your personal preference. We can book hotels that are intimate and boutique or larger with more amenities, or maybe your group prefers its own space in an apartment, farmhouse or villa.

We’ll do our best to find the best room combinations for your family or group and then, we’ll send you specific recommendations for accommodations that:

  • meet your group’s needs

  • are within your price range

  • are in excellent central locations

  • are availability for the dates of your trip





The next step in creating your custom Spain vacation is planning and booking those activities!

Here we’ll help you decide if you prefer to make reservations for private tours with your own guide or join a small group tour. Maybe you want to do VIP activities like a sunrise balloon tour over the Mediterranean, charter a yacht to explore hidden coves and secluded beaches or a private cooking class with a local to learn how to make the perfect Paella. Maybe you’re just fine with us securing “Skip-the-Line” museum tickets to the Sagrada Familia with an audio-guide. Maybe some days you don’t want anything planned and just want to soak up the sun on the Costa de Sol or next to your private pool back at the villa.

No matter what you decide to do on your trip to Spain, we’ll help you every step of the way with all planning arrangements that keep your group’s interests, budget and travel pace in mind.



What seems to give my clients the most anxiety when planning a trip to Spain is organizing the logistics. They ask - Should we drive? Can we get everywhere on the train? Is it faster to fly between the major cities? Are private drivers very expensive?

The truth is, the train system in Spain is fantastic, but it doesn’t connect all cities nice and neatly. While getting a taxi is easy in larger cities like Spain, they are harder to find in smaller villages. Renting a car is wonderful to get from small town to small town, but it’s a nightmare in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. So with all that said, if your trip’s logistics are all planned for you by experts who know the ins and outs of how to get around Spain with your particular itinerary in mind, it should all flow smoothly.

We’ll recommend the best ways to get around based on your comfort level, where you’re going and how many are traveling. Then we’ll handle all the arrangements from booking train tickets and airport transfers to making rental car reservations and getting quotes for private drivers.





And last but not least, it's time to plan what you're going to eat in Spain!

At this stage we’ll get all the necessary information about your group - any food allergies, any food preferences, any desired restaurants - and then we’ll provide recommendations for casual cafes and eateries, chiringuitos (restaurants located directly on the beaches), Michelin star and special occasion restaurants. We’ll make reservations for those restaurants (where required) and provide a handy list of others to have on hand when you’re traveling around on your own.



Before departure, we’ll send you our pre-trip checklist. This has advice and information on travel insurance, phrase books, technology, packing, tipping, driving in Spain, and more.

You’ll depart for Spain as an independent traveler, but with a completely personalized custom Spain vacation. Information about all hotels, activities, logistics, and restaurants will be provided as a PDF that you can print or download our special app to your Smartphone and your itinerary will always be at your fingertips while you’re on the road. All you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy.


So get in touch to learn more about how we can take care of you and help you plan the best vacation to Spain!

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