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Welcome Pickups (airport/train transfer service)
Welcome Pickups for iPhone
Welcome Pickups for Android

Taxi/Ridesharing Apps
Freenow for iPhone
Freenow for Android

Cabify for iPhone
Cabify for Android

E-Tickets/AudioGuide for Sagrada Familia:
Sagrada Familia E-Tickets/Audioguide for iPhone
Sagrada Familia E-Tickets/Audioguide for Android

WhatsApp Messaging App while in Europe:
WhatsApp for iPhone
WhatsApp for Android

Vueling Airlines App
Vueling for iPhone
Vueling for Android

Renfe Train App

Renfe for iPhone
Renfe for Android


Here are some helpful travel tips and products that we like to share with our clients:
  • Take photos of passports and have them handy on your smart phones or email a copy to yourself

  • Print your boarding passes and other critical confirmation documents (in case your phone has problems or you can’t access the information immediately)

  • Alert your bank/credit card companies that you will be traveling internationally so you have no surprises when you try to use your cards abroad

  • Do not worry about getting any euros prior to the trip - you won’t need them and the commission rates are very high in the airport or at US banks. Go to a Spanish bank’s ATM to take out cash instead of an individual standalone ATM in a bar or hotel lobby. Here are reputable Spanish banks that can be found in all parts of the country:    

    • Banco Sabadell

    • Banco Santander

    • Banco BBVA

    • Caixa Bank

  • Contact your mobile phone provider to make sure your phone plan and phone settings are good to go for international travel. Also, most airports throughout Spain offer free wifi if you need to connect and your phone isn’t cooperating once you arrive. Also, if you need to use a prepaid international SIM card while here, they can easily be purchased throughout the city.

  • Rule of thumb, if you absolutely don’t need it during your day, leave it in the hotel safe.

  • While Spain does not have much violent crime, pickpockets are found in the larger cities and in neighborhoods with more tourists. Guys, don’t put your wallets in your back pockets, and ladies try to carry as small of a bag as possible. We love this updated fanny pack and these anti-theft travel backpacks for women and anti-theft travel backpacks for men. Only carry a small amount of cash and leave the rest in the hotel safe. Don’t leave small objects like mobile phones on tables.

  • To help you minimize jet lag, be sure to drink plenty of water both before and during your flight. If you can avoid drinking alcohol during the flight, that’s best. Wait to enjoy that red wine and cava here in Spain. ;)

  • Pack snacks like granola bars or trail-mix to have on hand

  • Pack extra clothes, medications, necessities in your carry-on in case your checked baggage gets delayed

  • Don’t forget to bring a European travel adapter. We love this one as it includes USBa and USBc ports to plug in cellphones.

  • Appliances like cell phones and laptops will work just fine with a regular adapter, but leave small items like hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers back in the US as they can’t be used on EU voltage. If your hotel doesn’t offer what you need, look for the store El Corte Inglés which will have any sorts of travel appliances to use while you are here.

  • Think about bringing a Cell Phone Portable Battery Charger with its own case

  • Use Compression Travel Cubes to make the most of your carryon and checked luggage space.


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